"Having been closely acquainted with Brian for nearly a decade, it has been my privilege to witness That Song Guy in action on several occasions. What has amazed me about each of Brian's performances, is his ability to not only write personalized lyrics, but completely original scores. It would be one thing if he were simply re-writing the lyrics of cover tunes, but no, these are completely original and catchy melodies - ones that often become lodged in ones head for days to come - thereby making these musical tributes truly unique and personal. It's a remarkable and rare gift Brian has and I'm happy he's finally decided to share it with those outside of his inner circle."

- Hilding Gnanapragasam / Creative Director, Corus Kids

"Hi Brian, I don't know how to adequately thank you for the DVD you put together for my 70th birthday. How you were able to take all that information and put it together into a song, is beyond me. I will treasure this DVD for the rest of my life. I have played it for many of my friends and they love it. One of my friends asked me to ask you for a few business cards so we can promote your business. I wish you all the success in the world."

 - Kathy Warren

"Brian has the ability to make you laugh, cry and be entertained all in one guitar note. His songs have led to some of the best big events and small gatherings that I can remember. The song he wrote for me was so wonderfully personal and added that extra special touch to my farewell party."

- Lisa Peters / Director of Marketing & Promotions, Bell Media Radio

"Having recently turned 50, I remember my big day to be full of surprises. None bigger than the personalized song I had written and performed for me by Brian Weldon. He used input from friends and family to really capture my 50 years in a funny and touching song. He also has a very good voice and showmanship. So good was the song, that those that heard it the first time asked him to play it a second time for a larger audience."

- Scott Hamilton / VP, Sales, Corus Family

"Brian surprised me with a song a year ago at my farewell party. It was a big success, and I was very surprised and touched. He had everyone laughing with his clever writing and I may have even shed a tear! It was written with love and a lot of humor."

- Amber Price / Producer, Corus TV

"One of the best decisions of my wedding was to hire Brian as the MC. Not only was he charming, he went above and beyond learning snippets of a different language to entertain the guests, preparing topical jokes and of course, writing a surprise wedding song for us. His cheeky demeanor makes Brian a pleasure to work with and he always manages to find a way to entrench himself with his subjects and the task at hand. To this day, I marvel at the ingenuity of the song he wrote and sang for us - personal, humorous and heartfelt - all words that describe not only the song - but the songwriter. He's incredibly talented and multifaceted - I'd highly recommend him for any function."

- Alice Baccam Keogh / Associate Manager, Digital Marketing

"The song Brian wrote for me is something I always listen to whenever I'm having a down day, as it brings me back up again! The song is so true and humorous and still makes me laugh even though I've listened to it five hundred times. People wanted to leave the department just to get a song from Brian! His songs are the bomb.com"

Jaclyn Yurek / Sales Project Manager, Corus TV