What better gift to give someone than a fully original, personalized song that celebrates how special they are to those around them.

Contact me! Send me an email or call me with the type of special occasion and the date it's happening, and together we can discuss your time frame. I look forward to hearing from you!

After we've talked, download That Facts Sheet and fill it out with as many details about the recipient as possible. A minimum of 20 facts is required, with 25 or more being ideal. You can then attach your filled out Facts Sheet in an email back to me. If the recipient has a favourite style of music, it would be good to include that too.
You can download THAT FACTS SHEET template here

I take the facts and weave them together into a full length, 2-3 minute song with an original melody. I will then show you the lyrics for a final review before the event.

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Songwriting has been Brian's passion ever since he first picked up a guitar at the tender age of eighteen. By his early twenties, he'd penned nearly 100 original compositions and was studying under two highly respected guitarists in the music industry.

So in 2004 when one of his coworkers was leaving to pursue another job, Brian had an idea that would combine his musical talent and a desire to make his peer's sendoff more special. He wrote her a going away song, and brought his 6-string into work and performed it in front of the whole department. Little did he know this would be the start of an ongoing, musical tradition.

As time passed and others moved on in their careers, Brian continued to write humorous and heartfelt original songs to send them off with; pulling from memories of their time together plus reaching out to other coworkers for more fun facts about the recipient. People would often joke about looking for reasons to quit, just to get a song from Brian.

Now, ten years and over thirty personalized songs later, Brian has made a memorable impact on many going away parties, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

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